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A New Standard Of B2B Customer Service In Tech Hardware Solution In Bangladesh

“One of the major decision points for a growing number of B2B tech/IT managers is after sales and long term customer service from tech hardware suppliers,” says an IT manager of a renowned Financial Brand headquartered in Dhaka. “This is critical because when an IT setting – it can be a batch tech devices or a system – does not work for one day and you fail to provide a backup, it means you lost a day’s work. To a company, it is not only lost working hours, it is also about lost business.”

In Bangladesh, customer-centric approach is not yet that popular an idea. This is particularly apparent in retail settings. One reason is of-course, in many areas demand is already high enough. In others, businesses simply don’t care much.

That said, things are changing fast. Customers are now talking back and asking more from brands across board. As a result, brands have very little choice other than providing best experience to the customers. Otherwise, in a world of social media, anything can bring you a catastrophe. 

In B2B, you can’t afford to have a lousy customer support from your vendor/supplier because it directly affects your bottom line. A computer that does not work not only affect the productivity of a worker, it also hampers overall business output. This is even more so in the case of IT hardware and infrastructure.

Despite that, B2B customer-centric approach is not a common idea for many reasons. One is of course it is a complex process. The needs of individual customers is different which means putting together a B2B customer support system is an expensive affair.

According to Mckinsey: “B2B customer-experience index ratings significantly lag behind those of retail customers. B2C companies typically score in the 65 to 85 percent range, while B2B companies average less than 50 percent. This gap will become even more apparent as B2B customer expectations rise.”  

A computer that does not work not only affect the productivity of a worker, it also hampers overall business output.

The B2B Tech Hardware Purchasing Process

We spoke to several CTOs and IT managers to know how they approach tech hardware purchasing in Bangladesh. There are several layers to the decision making process. It varies depending on the companies and size of the particular purchase. But largely it follows some common procedure such as going through a tender or call for vendors for supplies. Vendor selection based on some basic criterias and then finally price comparison and then purchasing.

Here are some of the areas that B2B buyers look for in a potential vendor
Age of the Business
Product Authenticity

The interesting point is that most service providers who submit quotation often posses these qualification. “The most of the things that we put together as eligibility qualifications have become hygiene factors over the years,” one CTO says. “We seldom need to worry about these things. Now the growing importance we put it is in the after-sales service.”

Reputation about the customer support has become an important strength for companies serving B2B clients.

A shift in mindset

“Digitization and the rising use of smartphones are establishing new standards for fast, seamless customer service in all settings, suggests Mckinsey’s Nicolas Maechler. “Real-time responsiveness and easy-to-use apps for daily banking chores or ordering groceries are setting a high bar for speed and ease of doing business in B2C industries, and these expectations are migrating to B2B.”

The important point here is ‘migrating to B2B’. which suggests that an increasing number of B2B customers now demand excellent customer-experience.

SystemEye Understanding

This is where SystemEye comes in. “From the day one, ultimate customer obsession has been a central motto for us,” says SystemEye CEO Rasel Ahmed. From the very beginning SystemEye focused on serving corporate clients. Today, a significant percentage of its business comes from serving corporate clients. “A significant percentage of our clients are corporates and that part of our business is largely driven by direct sales efforts and relationship marketing,” says Rasel.

“When we started serving corporate clients, we found out that after-sales service is very important for our corporate clients because when a system does not work it affects their business directly. We understand that technology has become an integral part of how we operate and failure for a long period of time is intolerable and that there is a lack of overall cultural understanding of that matter in the market. We decided to build our capacity on delivering best possible service to our customers.”

SystemEye is a relatively small company compared to many companies that offer similar IT hardware and peripheral solutions. The company was established in 2012 with a small 50 square feet shop and a total investment of BDT 50,000 and one team member. Today, the company has a growing business, and is a team of 20 people. It provides comprehensive technology solutions to companies and organizations.

SystemEye solutions and services

PC & Server

Networking Solutions

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Power Solution

Call Center Solutions

Mr. Rasel says his company is betting on superior customer service in order to win over the competition.

“We don’t think a great product is enough, we have to make sure that our customers receive superior after sales service.”

That said, B2B customer service is a complex affair and requires deeper understanding of the process and a better setting. Mr. Rasel says over the past years his company has been able to develop an understanding as well as a strategy to deliver better customer service.

“We have invested in understanding the challenges of designing a superior B2B customer experience which has helped us to design a support system that works for us and our customers.”

The SystemEye Approach To B2B Customer Service

Understanding the complex nature of the experience
Unlike retail, B2B customers are different from each other and challenges are also different. Ensuring a great and consistent experience for all is impossible unless you understand this complexity and prepare accordingly.
Understanding customers
We make it a point that we understand our individual customers deeply so that we can understand their existing challenges and predict future challenges. This allows us to devise service strategy for each customers beforehand.
Mapping and creating segments
The reality of B2B business is that needs of customers vary widely after the purchase. We try to breakdown the journey of our customers, for instance, one who are fairly new and one who bought something a few months ago needs different attention. We mapp our customers based on a set of specifics and create segments so that we can efficiently serve our customers.
Dedicated support team

“We have dedicated account support member for batch of clients who take care of immediate support needs of the clients,” says Mr. Rasel. Our team help our clients online, over the phone consultation and as well direct on the ground support. For instance, we send our team to set-up technologies when a client buy something from us.

And when receive a call about any dysfunction within the warranty period or beyond warranty period, we immediately send a support person to check the problem and fix it on the ground if possible. Otherwise, we bring the device to our office and try to fix and send back as quickly as possible. We work hard to ensure on time delivery and responsive customer service. We believe that this is one of our strength.

An expert technical team
Much of IT support that SystemEye provides is technical and it requires people with superior skills. “We have a team of experts who understand the technology and we are, as a team, constantly updating ourselves with new knowledge about new technologies and technological changes,” says Rasel Ahmed.
Small Zonal Service Hubs

SystemEye is working on putting together a host of zonal service hubs across Dhaka so that it can improve on customer response time. “Traffic is a challenge in Dhaka and we have to understand it and plan accordingly, says Rasel. “Sometimes it gets challenging for us to provide quick service to our customers.” In order to tackle this challenge the company is now working on a plan to open zonal service hubs in the city to stay closer to the customers and provide better service.

“We have plans to set up small zonal service hubs in different parts of the city so that we can provide quicker support to our customers. For instance, there will be a small service hub in Gulshan which will take care of service needs of our customers in the Gulshan area.”

Tips for B2B IT Managers For Choosing Best Tech Hardware Solutions Supplier:

Customer Service
Vendor Reputaion
Technical Capacity

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Redefining Customer Service In B2B Tech Hardware Solutions Business In Bangladesh